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"It has been my privilege to be a part of this musical journey with Liis. She has an ability to take life experiences familiar to all and tell them in a musically fresh and honest way, resulting in uniquely crafted songs brought to life by a great set of players"

-  Greta Matassa

Mai-Liis is new on the scene, making her mark as an original artist with this first release. She
hails originally from Toronto Ontario and also spent time in Vancouver BC, where she honed
her skills performing in coffee shops and jazz rooms while supporting herself bartending. A
writer by nature, the written words morphed into musical stories and became the project you
now listen to thanks to the unending support of Greta Matassa, Mark Ivester, Clipper Anderson,
Darin Clendenin, Scott Ahlsmith, Freddy Constantino and David and Ben Lange. A special thanks my guy Freddy Constantino. You’ve
been a rock.
The project would not have been possible without the musical genius of pianist Darin
Clendenin. Darin put the chord changes under Mai-Liis’ words and melodies in a unique musical
team approach that made for some pretty cool tunes.
We hope you like them. A lot.

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