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Unicorns and Innocence

Lyrics- Mai-Liis

It’s funny but it’s tragic sad
That in this life there’s things you had
There’s things they touch your soul, set it on fire
But little do we ever know
That these things come and these things go
And when they go they’re gone and I’m no liar

I’ve wept the loss significant of
Unicorns and innocence
I know the pain that passes and that don’t
I close my eyes it’s you I taste
Your phantom fingers on my face
I try to send them packing but they won’t

Even if I live to see the lines etched on my face
I could live beyond the time to die
Even if the years are kind there’s one thing that I’ll never find
I’ve wept its loss, its sweetness and its time

The details of my journal
Are for my eyes they are personal
But this I feel that I can share with you
Be gentle when you speak your thoughts
And don’t be ransomed or be bought
And know the strength your grace can bring to you

So time be gentle
Time be good
Jump over all misunderstood
Help me own the aching heart I hold
We all of us could learn from this
Just hold on sweetly to your bliss
Let go of it when it’s time to move on

Distance Man

Lyrics- Mai-Liis

Who knew you were the Distance Man
With all that love to give
Who knew that you would sideline me when life got tough to live
Who knew that all I shared with you could be left in the dust
Who knew God knows not me
I was too busy trusting us

Who knows why you would push me back when you should draw me near
Who knew that you would change my world with passion and with fear
I didn't know you were so scared with all your hidden blue
How could I know
I was too busy loving all of you

If I had seen the depths that pain has plowed into your heart
If for one minute I had known that we could never start
If I had thought I could have walked away and left your pain
I would still choose to love you fully all over again

So here I stand alone and tall
My only thought is why
If only you had faced the past and then had let it die
Instead you gave it power
You are clasped within its hand
A willing hostage nonetheless

No ransom in demand

I'm powerless to give you love if you can't feel the rage
I'm powerless to love you while your heart is in a cage
I can't vanquish the demons with their claws that hold you tight
I can only stand beside you when you free them in the night

To Whom it May Concern

Lyrics- Mai-Liis

I’ll tell you something that I know
But for the grace of God we go
I’m grateful for the steadiness
Is that the thing that we possess
Where is the line, the straw, the test
That shelters us from craziness
To whom it may concern

The breeze is cool the seat is hot
I’m feeling in between a lot
I’m feeling like I have to rhyme
And measure everything in time
When all I really want to do
Is colour outside every line
To whom it may concern

You know the space between the notes
It’s there I like to hone my senses
Spaces people fill with noise
But noises all have consequences

I watch the floating butterfly
I like to think of you and I
Not every moment filled with prose
Let’s hover over just one rose
I don’t know if you’ll understand
You may just join another band
To whom it may concern

Fait Accompli

Lyrics- Mai-Liis

Simple things
The most important things
You gifted me some truths I still am treasuring
The stuff I really couldn’t know until you got inside my head
And messed with all that I once knew,
With what you did and said

Potent things
How did I breathe before?
You were my calm after the storm I’m dry again
I’m safe and strong this gift you give with just a glance you send my way
Your smokey eyes they wrap round me
I will close mine and stay

Turquoise prisms, priceless gems
Your eyes reflect your passions when
you look in me and I rescind all that I have ever been

Final things
Of those I dare not dream
A lark at dusk takes flight I’m there upon her wing,
I know that day will come in time when one of us no longer is
I’ll always keep you close to me
And cherish all we did

Final things

Of those I dare not dream

A lark at dusk takes flight I’m there upon her wing

I know that day may come in time when just your mem’ry holds me tight

I really won’t need anymore

Fait accompli that starry night

Oh Well

Lyrics- Mai-Liis

Frankly you were marvelous
When you and I first met
I fell so in love with you
It wasn’t hard to get
You were charming you were kind
You gave truth to love is blind
I lost my heart my soul my mind

Lately I’m a wreck
You messed with a full deck
Not what I had planned
No hearts left in my hand
I lost my heart to you
In a poker game or two
Wish it wasn’t true
Oh well

You’ve left me feeling blue
I was cheated, you were too
You never got to find out what a catch you let slip through
I’m one helluva gal
A lover and a pal
I’d always be there when you need me
Oh well

So here I am I’m trying to make light of this mess
I’ll never know why but I’ll always care
And that’s the truth I guess
I hope one day you’ll bump into me
And with tears in your eyes profess
I screwed up

I’m wistful then I’m blue
I can’t let go of you
I’ll up the ante, fold, whatever I would need to do
To be back in that game
All in, I have no shame
I’ll dump the chips, collude,
Expose my cards
Oh well

Frankly if I’d called your bluff
Strutted some of my own stuff
Told you that I’d had enough
Really played it straight and tough
Now I would be less a wreck
Playing with a fuller deck
Leaving you to all your dreck
Oh well

My Eyes of Yesterday

Lyrics- Mai-Liis

Looking in the mirror I see eyes that aren’t mine
‘Cause mine aren’t sad or look away
My eyes dance all the time
They are deep, they see beyond
Shine like rainbow dew
I’m not quite sure whose eyes those are
They must belong to you
You looked in my eyes
And there’s no words could quite express
The line of vision crystal clear
The “look of love” I guess
Standing still
In neon dreams
Sight a gift no doubt
I don’t know what happened then 
The “look of love” went out
I need a storm of tears
To wash your dust out of my eyes
It’s clouding my perception
It’s mirroring your lies
Return me to my state of grace, that’s where I want to be
Who is that in the mirror and what have you done with me?
Funny looking out and the world it looks the same
This mirror is a mystery
A stranger’s hoax, a game
Maybe one day my tears will flow
Wash the pain away
And the mirror will reflect
My eyes of yesterday

Looking out into the crowd
I know that there will come a day
When someone kind will walk with me

Perhaps along the Champs-Elysees
When he looks into my eyes
Past the pain I see
I know my reflection once again
Belongs to me

Carnage in Your Wake (a love song)

Lyrics- Mai-Liis

I had such high hopes
Why you go tearin’ em down
Why you wanna drag ‘em through the mud?
What they ever done? Ever?
To you ya selfish man
‘Cept made you look good and true and worth a damn

And where’s that foundation?
Upon which we built this trust?
How could I be so clueless and naïve?
Sister forgive yourself!
You always acted in good faith
Don’t let him rip out the heart of what you believe

Can I find that place again
We are tears are purely joy
Am I wise enough to rise above
Your words they left me broken
Can I get back what you’ve stolen
I won’t know till push comes to shove

Moving forward
One day one step at a time
Down this road we now must walk alone
Ain’t it funny though
Looking back with wiser eyes
I was by myself the while damn time we roamed

I will rise up
I will be the sun that shines
I will follow with my mind a clearer way
For that I thank you
Your destruction was not in vain
And it’s you that will have to face yourself one day
‘Cause we’re all lost children
Trying to find our way

Sister Child

Lyrics- Mai-Liis

I came down off such a high
Do you remember did you try
We tripped the light fantastic then were gone
No one seemed to understand
But we knew what to keep at hand
And we still laugh those times they’ve moved along

My sister she looked up to me
I guided her so she could see
I made sure she’d never feel the pain
I did a good job that I know
She’s all grown up and good to go
And now we keep our watch upon her own

God I wish this world could be
A safer harbor we’d be free
To venture into live as dreamers
Pass the torch to younger schemers
Pass the torch and know they’re safe and sound

It’s tough being a kid today
Who do you trust or push away?
Who’s to say when you are right or wrong?
I wish that I could cradle you and keep you safe and guide you true
But all I've got are words that make this song

Number 9

Lyrics- Mai-Liis

We press and intertwine
We cling like ivy
Where is the band?
Oh wait
You only shook my hand

You had a grace, a flair, some game
You caught my eye
I asked your name
You seemed reserved and shy
Quite tame
Quite different from my other flames

You took my hand
How do you do
I thought your eyes were pools of blue
Inviting me to wade into
And asking me to start anew

It looks like here I go again
The baby steps of trusting a man
This whole damn thing
So bittersweet
Am I doomed just to repeat?

I’m laughin’, I’m jokin’, I’m drinking wine
On the whole I’m feeling fine
One cloud away from Number 9
How will it rolled for me this time?

Which door to open?
Which to close?
What’s on lockdown?
I suppose
I’ll just let go of phantom woe
Pour me some more of that Bordeaux

Big breath in ‘cause here I go
And by the way you had me at hello

Jilted Woman

Lyrics- Mai-Liis

Pretty sure I'll have to ask
I'll have to take a breath and search
For one small piece of sanity
In the words you'll say to me

‘Cause really there is nothing there
To help me bring reason to bear
Unless I look at you and see
A clueless cold hyperbole

I can't get stuck
This unsafe place
I keep myself
Stops me from coming face to face to see
What so far has eluded me

Perhaps just as a courtesy
You'd find you could extend to me
Your reasoning for absentee

When your disruption comes to head
And I wake up alone in bed
I'll lie there tearless no regret
Pondering the disconnect

No doubts I'm gonna be ok
I'll kick the covers off today
And face a situation that has caught me off my guard
No doubts that I can face the music
Here it is wont ever lose it
In my own words, my notes, played my own way

Unicorns and Innocence
Number 9
Carnage in Your Wake
To Whom it May Concern
Fait Accompli
Oh Well
My Eyes of Yesterday
Distant Man
Sister Child
Jilted Woman
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